WASHINGTON, D.C., & MEXICO CITY, January 20, 2022 – Torres Trade Advisory, LLC1 (“TTA”), a business advisory firm, and Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda (“VTZ”), Mexico’s leading international trade law firm, are joining forces to provide companies in the United States and Mexico with regulatory risk solutions, trade due diligence, operational support, and international trade support on both sides of the border.

TTA and VTZ formed their alliance in response to growing client demand for assistance in highly regulated areas in both the United States and Mexico including customs issues, ethics compliance, and export controls, as well as for political and regulatory guidance and a variety of other international trade compliance matters. In addition, the alliance will allow clients of both firms to draw upon the extensive experience of TTA and VTZ as they explore opportunities to innovate and enhance client service in Mexico and the United States.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues at VTZ in Mexico,” says TTA’s President, Olga Torres. “Right now, we anticipate an era of increased enforcement on both sides of the border just as businesses are expanding compliance programs to respond to an American public that expects companies to improve trade compliance, ethics, increase transparency, and comply with forced-labor laws. This is particularly challenging because those same businesses are struggling to find experienced teams to manage ongoing supply chain issues and reopen post-pandemic. Mexico is the United States’ largest trading partner – many of our clients have office locations or business operations there – so we’re very pleased that we can provide clients access to VTZ’s support on Mexican trade issues.”

“With nine offices in Mexico, we felt that entering the United Sates market was critical to assisting our clients,” adds Adrian Vazquez, Managing Partner at VTZ. “But doing so was only possible with TTA, whose values and vision align so closely with our own. Businesses in the USMCA market need firms in both Mexico and the United States that are committed to working together and jointly navigating the intricacies of complex international trade operations between the two countries. We share language, culture, and principles with TTA – including a common dedication to professionalism and responsiveness – and together we are now well positioned to provide highly qualified services to companies on both sides of the border.”

Torres Trade Advisory is a business advisory firm with offices in Dallas, Texas and Washington D.C. focused on delivering strategic international trade guidance in areas such as customs risks and compliance, economic sanctions and export controls, operational compliance, corporate investigations and due diligence, and cybersecurity.

Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda is a leading Mexican law firm deeply respected for its prowess in anti-dumping investigations and countervailing duties, customs compliance, and verifications of origin, with offices in the main Mexican industrial cities and in the Mexico-United States border.

1 Torres Trade Advisory, LLC is a business advisory firm and does not provide legal services. For cases where Torres Trade Advisory clients require legal representation or advice with respect to laws in the United States, they will need to seek separate U.S.-based legal counsel.